Collection Code: Asch
Description: Aschberger [Aschberg]--Victor Aschberger [Aschberg] was plundered at home and at the Cercle des Nations, a pacifist organization which he helped found [C. d. Nat.] Mrs. Aschberg recovered property looted from Victor Aschberger [Asch] and the Cercle des Nations [C. d. Nat.]. The inventory of looted property submitted by Mrs. Aschberg to the French authorities is far more extensive than that which the ERR inventoried at the Jeu de Paume. It includes several hundred Italian Old Master engravings and approximately 40 paintings, assorted sculptures and tapestries as well as jewelry.
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Confiscated from (owner): Victor Aschberger [Aschberg]
Confiscated at (place): 2, rue de la Planche, Paris 7
Confiscated on (date): 1942-11-09