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Code Collection
A Le  Arthur Levy 
A.L.M.  A. L. Mayer 
AAronstein  Schaerbeek-Bruxelles, Belgique 
ABK  Amt Bildende Kunst 
ACahen  Paris 
AContant  Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgique 
Ad. W.  Adolphe Weiss--Native of Austria, Weiss had been the Portuguese consul in Vienna for 25 years prior to the Anschluss. 
ADennery  Paris 
ADW  ADW - Paris 
AErrera  Ixelles-Bruxelles 
AGoldet  Paris 
AGoldschmidt  Bruxelles, Belgique 
AHirsch  St-Gilles/Bruxelles, Belgique 
AHoffman  Forest-Bruxelles, Belgique-The Gestapo arrested Mr. Hoffman on 15 March 1942. His apartment was emptied on 18 March 1942. 
AJaval  Courgenay (Yonne) 
AKantorovitch  Paris 
Aktion Berta  The Cassel property was plundered from an estate in Cannes and a house in Ruoms (Ard├Ęche). Some items were conveyed by train to Paris and then to Austrian repositories. Others transited via Marseille and were shipped to Germany. The Ruoms property went straight to Schloss Thurntal in Eastern Austria. 
Al. R.  (Alexandrine) Sammlung Rothschild--Most of the objects classified by the ERR as Al. R. belonged to Alexandrine de Rotschild. They were stolen from her Paris apartment, various bank vaults and her estate in Boulogne-sur-Seine. The thefts began in earnest in the summer of 1940 and did not stop until midway through 1941. You can find items belonging to Alexandrine de Rothschild in the BoR, Al. R and R collections as well as in the Wbg collection. 
ALevy  Paris 
ALoebl  Paris-based gallery owner 
AManuel  Paris 
AMeyer-Rotterdam  The ERR section based in den Haag, The Netherlands, ordered the seizure of Mr. Meyer's property in August 1944 at his storage place in Rotterdam. 
AMichelson  Paris 
AMLevy  Paris 
AMorgoulieff  Neuilly sur Seine 
ANahm  Rotterdam, The Netherlands--Most of the property which was seized at the Rotterdam warehouse was amassed by Mr. Nahm's father, Albert. It fit into three lift vans, whose combined weight was in excess of 12000 pounds. 
Anonymous  No known owner 
APels  Uccle-Bruxelles, Belgique 
APozniak  Paris-Ms. Pozniak's collection consisted almost exclusively of works produced by Jewish artists active in interwar Paris, a number of whom were deported and died in Nazi camps. 
ARN  Hans Arnhold 
Arns  Hermann Arnstein-There is no information on Arnstein, bu we do know that he and his family were deported from France. There is no evidence that any of the Arnstein family members made it back from Nazi concentration camps. Some of the "recovered" Arnstein property were sold at auction by the French government. 
Aro  Aronson (Schloss Brissac)-Naum Aronson was a well-established Jewish sculptor in interwar Paris. 
ARubenstein  Paris-Arthur Rubinstein, a Polish born pianist, began his illustrious career in Paris in the early years of the 20th century. He eventually moved to the United States before WWII. 
Asch  Aschberger [Aschberg]--Victor Aschberger [Aschberg] was plundered at home and at the Cercle des Nations, a pacifist organization which he helped found [C. d. Nat.] Mrs. Aschberg recovered property looted from Victor Aschberger [Asch] and the Cercle des Nations [C. d. Nat.]. The inventory of looted property submitted by Mrs. Aschberg to the French authorities is far more extensive than that which the ERR inventoried at the Jeu de Paume. It includes several hundred Italian Old Master engravings and approximately 40 paintings, assorted sculptures and tapestries as well as jewelry. 
ASiegfeld  Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
ASS (12 H)  Assmances-This collection was one of the last to be processed at the Jeu de Paume in June 1944. Although the ERR specialists did not assign an owner to this set of confiscated objects at least two works in the ASS collection belonged to Alfred Lindenbaum (Lindon). 
AStork  Bruxelles, Belgique 
Aux  Auxente (Pregel)-The Auxente/Pregel collection was brought into the Jeu de Paume by agents Mader and Fleischer on 14 April 1942 after having been seized by agents of the Dienststelle Westen, on or before 4 February 1942. 
AValency  Paris 
AWeyl  Paris 
AWittekind  Paris 
AZerkowitz  Paris 
Bal  H. Fa. Ball (Riesener) 
Baruch-Levy  Paris 
Bau  Bauer 
BBLevy  Paris 
Bc  Bacri-The Bacri collection was subjected to two waves of seizures between July 1940 and the end of 1942. The first wave was supervised by Mr. Angerer, one of Goering's main art agents in occupied territories, and a group of French police officials. The second wave was overseen by the ERR beginning in late 1940 and extending into 1942. 
BDRandall  Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
BDreyfus  Strasbourg 
Bdt  Paul Bernhardt 

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