First Name: Consorts
Last Name: Schloss
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City: Paris
Country: France
Observations: Adolphe Schloss acquired all of the paintings that were eventually seized in April 1943 from their repository at Laguenne, Corrèze.
At his death in 1910-1911, his wife Lucie inherited the collection which he left alone until her death in 1938. Thereupon, the children--Henry, Lucien, Juliette, Raymond inherited all that was left; Marguerite was not included in the distribution of assets at Lucie's death.
Archival Source: Bundesarchiv, B323/1037, 1038, 1039; testament de Lucie Schloss, 1938.
Full address: 38, avenue Henri Martin, Paris
Full address - second additional: Chateau de Chambon, Laguenne (Corrèze), France