First Name: Hans
Last Name: Arnhold [Arnold]
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City: Neuilly sur Seine
Country: France
Observations: Hans Arnhold's collection was removed from his residence on Boulevard Maurice Barres. The ERR personnel in charge of inventorying his confiscated assets misinterpreted his address as being within the boundary lines of Paris. However, the part of Boulevard Maurice Barres that is in Paris is the one occupied by the Bois de Boulogne. The residential buildings sit on the Neuilly sur Seine side which is where Hans Arnhold lived. Hence we elected to transcribe his address faithfully as a reflection of his domicile in Neuilly sur Seine.
Archival Source: Bundesarchiv, B323/266
Full address: 124, boulevard Maurice Barres, Neuilly sur Seine
Full address - second additional: Avenue Maurice Barres (IX), Paris