Collection Code: Hir
Description: [André] Louis-Hirsch-The inventory of the Hirsch collection was produced at Fussen by Dr. Schiedlausky on 2 April 1943. It should also be noted that the HIR 1 card indicates that 22 objects were carded at the Jeu de Paume under the HIR collection label. However, there are only 20 ERR cards for the HIR collection. HIR 21 [L. Hir 3] and HIR 22 [L. HIR 4] are technically part of the L. HIR collection. Hence, the HIR and L. HIR collections belonged to the same family. One [HIR] was plundered at the Banque de France and the other [L. HIR] was plundered a the Hirsch residence at 64, avenue Raymond Poincare.
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Confiscated from (owner): M. et Mme. Louis-Hirsch
Confiscated at (place): Banque de France
Confiscated on (date): 1941-06-00