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Code Collection
NET  Pierre Netter 
Neum  Neumann 
Neuw/NWD  Neuwied
Art objects were warehoused, sorted and catalogued at a customs house in Neuwied, Germany. They came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and southern France. From there, they were transferred either to Berlin or to Schloss Kogl.
NGunzburg  Antwerp 
Nizzaliste  ERR Südfrankreich 1944 
OFederer  Nevers 
OKlein  Paris 
OPP  Oppenheimer--Although the ERR confiscated this collection under the name "Oppenheimer", Elie Lantz recovered those OPP items that were repatriated to France by the Allies after the war. 
OPPE  Oppenheim [Oppenheimer] 
Oppenheim-Errera  Brussels 
ORaggio  Roquebrune-Cap Martin 
ORLevy  Paris 
Orloff-Justman  villa Seurat 
OST  Beschlagnahme Osten 
Otto Abetz  German Embassy, Paris 
OZ  Jeu de Paume 
P. Lewin  Pierre Lewin 
P.R. (14 E)  Paul Rosenberg 
PBernard  Paris 
PBernhard  Paris 
PE  Perls 
PEtlin  Saint Marcel, Aubagne 
PGunzbourg  Paris 
Pierro  Pierrotet 
PJWeill  Paris 
PLantz  Paris 
PLevy  Paris 
PLion  Paris 
PLLevy  Paris 
PLo  Klotz 
PMayer  Domaine de Bray, Seine Inf. 
PNathan  Paris 
POP (3 G)  Mme. Propper 
Prg.  Porges 
PRO  Berta Propper 
PVera  Saint-Germain-en-Laye 
PWertheimer  Paris 
R  Rothschild 
Raymond Poincare  Sammlung (avenue Raymond Poincaré) 
RB  R. Bottenwieser 
RBrunschwig  Paris 
RDreyfus  Ussel--René Dreyfus was arrested on 6 April 1944 in Ussel and imprisoned in Tulle then in Limoges. The entire contents of his apartment in Ussel were removed by members of the Limoges Gestapo and Bony/Bonny-Lafont gang members. Dreyfus testified in the postwar against the leaders of the gang when they were brought to justice. 
RdSugny  Paris 
Red.  Armand Redlich 
Reichenbach  Mme. u Bernhard 
REIK  Reikiss [Raykis] 
REIN  Joseph Reinach 
RElllisen  Paris/Talence (Gironde) 
RGinzburger  Paris 
RHE  Rheims 

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