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Code Collection
MA-T (8 D)  Möbel-Aktion Textilien (Textiles) 
Matusewitz  Brussels 
Maurice Hamburger  Until his exile to Brazil, Maurice Hamburger was the representative (mandataire) of Isaac Hamburger in the early days of the German occupation of France. 
MA-V  Möbel-Aktion Volkskunde 
MA-WA  Möbel-Aktion Waffen (Weapons) 
MAY  Mayr [Blochmay/Bloch-May] 
MBernheim  Paris 
MCalmann  Paris 
MdeReviers  Ecrainville 
MdeVillers  Paris 
MDN  Ministere de la defense nationale, Belgique 
Me.P.  Leo Meyer 
MEA  Mela 
MEHaffemayer  Le Touquet 
MER  Merzbach 
MEschwege  Paris 
Mesquich  Mesquich 
Meyer  Frau Raoul Meyer 
MFanet  Marly-le-Roi 
MFu  Mayr-Fuld 
MG  Moro Giafferi--Youngest member of the Paris bar, Vincent de Moro-Giafferi was one of the most colorful and relentless criminal defense lawyers in inter-war Paris. He even defied Hermann Goering in his defense of those accused of having set the Reichstag fire in March 1933. Moro-Giafferi made the short list of high-priority targets once the Wehrmacht occupied Paris in June 1940. His entire Paris apartment was emptied in November 1940. 
MGRothschild  Paris 
MIC  Michelsohn 
MIL  Marcel Millaud 
MJacobson  Paris 
Mkron  Paris 
MLantz  Paris-See Jeanne Lantz 
MLBernheim  Paris 
MLBS  Möbel 
MLE  Maurice Leven 
MLery  Paris 
MLRaphael  Paris 
MMannheimer  Paris 
MMDreyfus  Paris 
MMonda  Paris 
MR  M. Radowsky 
MRosenberg  Paris 
MT  Dr. Med. A. Magitot 
MUIR  Muir 
NES  Nesler 
NET  Pierre Netter 
Neum  Neumann 
Neuw/NWD  Neuwied
Art objects were warehoused, sorted and catalogued at a customs house in Neuwied, Germany. They came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and southern France. From there, they were transferred either to Berlin or to Schloss Kogl.
NGunzburg  Antwerp 
Nizzaliste  ERR Südfrankreich 1944 
OFederer  Nevers 
OKlein  Paris 
OPP  Oppenheimer--Although the ERR confiscated this collection under the name "Oppenheimer", Elie Lantz recovered those OPP items that were repatriated to France by the Allies after the war. 
OPPE  Oppenheim [Oppenheimer] 

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