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Code Collection
LLambert  Paris 
LLevi  Paris 
LMarx  Paris 
LO  Loewensohn (Belgium) 
Loewell/LOE  M. Loewell 
Lom  Lambert Lombard (Belgique)--It is quite likely that the name of the owner is not Lambert Lombard. Lambert Lombard (another name for Lambert Susterman) is the name of an artist who lived in the second half of the 16th century. Hence, the painting classified as LOM 1 might be one that was produced by Lambert [Susterman] Lombard. 
Louis Schick  Ville d'Avray 
Lowenstein  Bordeaux, France--Fedor Lowenstein (1901-1946) was a largely abstract painter of Czech descent, although born in Munich, Germany. His paintings were seized in a harbor warehouse in Bordeaux while awaiting shipment to New York where they were supposed to be exhibited. The contents of the crate were transferred to the Jeu de Paume in Paris where the ERR decided that they should be destroyed (vernichtet). 
LPawlowsky  Paris 
LRothschild  Brabant, Belgique 
LSeyffers  Bruxelles-Although he worked for the ERR, Seyffers lost its protection in the spring of 1944. Shortly thereafter, he and his family were arrested on June 19, 1944. His belongings including his art collection—personal collection plus residual of his business inventory—were seized “4 or 5 days after his arrest" by the Gestapo. He was later deported from Malines to Auschwitz on July 31, 1944, where he is presumed to have perished. Three paintings were removed from the residence of Gaston Mueller in Brussels. The bulk of his art collection was warehoused at a German-administered site on rue du Transvaal. A number of paintings were recovered at another depot located at 74, rue de Laeken, in Brussels. 
LSpringer  Anvers, Belgique 
Lvy  Levy (Bd. du Chateau) [Roger Levy] 
LWeill  Paris 
LWolff  Boulogne 
LWormser  Paris 
LY  Roger Levy's apartment in Neuilly sur Seine was requisitioned by German officers on 13 August 1940. Whatever they did not take was removed by a unit of the ERR on 22 March 1944 and transferred to the Jeu de Paume for processing and shipment to Nikolsburg. 
Lyn  Eric-Emil Lyndhurst (Belgium) 
M.G.M. (11 X)  Michel Georges-Michel 
M.Kl.  Maurice Klotz 
M.W.  Succession Max Wassermann 
MA-AEGY  Möbel-Aktion Aegyptisches 
MA-AN  Möbel-Aktion Antike Kleinkunst 
MA-ASI  Möbel-Aktion Asiatisches 
MA-B (2 A)  Möbel-Aktion Bilder 
MA-BUE  Möbel-Aktion Bucher 
Madame Frey  Enghien-les-bains 
MA-EX  Möbel-Aktion Exotisches 
MA-F  Möbel-Aktion Fayencen 
MA-G  Möbel-Aktion Glas 
Magitot  Dr. Med. A. Magitot 
Magitot-Laval  Andree Magitot-Laval 
MA-GT  Möbel-Aktion Gebrauchsteppiche 
MA-L  Möbel-Aktion Lack-Leder 
MALeblond  Alpes-Maritimes--Marius and Ary Leblond were originally from the Reunion Island. They are cousins by birth. Their real names are Georges Athénas and Aimé Merlo. They were influential figures in the literary and artistic world of the Third Republic. 
MALevy  Paris 
MA-M (4 B)  Möbel-Aktion Möbel 
MA-MET (7 C)  Möbel-Aktion Metall 
MA-MIN  Möbel-Aktion Miniaturen 
MA-MK  Möbel-Aktion Modernes Kunstgewerbe (Glas) 
MA-MU (6 K)  Möbel-Aktion Münzen 
Man  Mandel 
Mannheimer, Holland  Amsterdam 
Mannheimer, Vichy  Fritz Mannheimer, manager of the Dutch branch of the Berlin-based bank, Mendelssohn & Cie, had residences in Amsterdam and Vaucresson, right outside of Paris. He spent his later years mostly in France and died in August 1939, right after getting married to his Brazilian-born nurse. Title to his collection was complicated by the fact that he placed most of the 3000 works and objects under his wife's name and used the bank's assets to acquire them through a British subsidiary called "Artistic". This is one of the rare instances whereby the Reich leadership acquired a "confiscated" Jewish collection. The Mannheimer collections were plundered in Holland (1940-1941) and in France (1944). 
Manuel  Manuel 
MA-OST  Möbel-Aktion Ostasiatische 
MA-P  Möbel-Aktion Porzellan (Porcelain) 
MA-PL  Möbel-Aktion Plastik (Sculpture) 
MAR  Marino, Nice 
Marcus  Marcus 

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