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Code Collection
Grunberg  Paris 
GS  Gunther Schiedlausky-ERR 
GU  Friedrich Gutmann, Heemstede/Paris 
Gun  Güntzburg 
GW  Galerie Welz 
H.S.  Hugo Simon 
HA  Hugo Daniel Andriesse (Belgium)--The Andriesse collection was dropped off for safety reasons at the Musées Royaux d'art et d'histoire in Brussels on 20 December 1939. The crates were removed by agents of the Devisenschutzkommando Belgien and transferred to the ERR in December 1941. From there, they were conveyed to the Jeu de Paume in Paris for processing. 
Hah  Hahn 
Hal  Halphen 
Ham  Hermann Jean Isaak Hamburger (Hamburger, Inc.)-The headquarters of the Hamburger company were located on Heerengracht 551, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Much of their personal property, especially objects of artistic value, had been deposited at the Chase Safe Deposit Bank on rue Cambon in Paris. 
Hamp  Gabriel Hamparzoumian 
Harry Fuld  Berlin, Germany 
HB  Hamburger 
HDeutsch  Maintenon (Eure et Loire) 
HDikansky  Nice 
Heilbronn  Frau P. Heilbronn 
HEL  Helft 
Hemmendinger  Paris 
HEN  Emile Henry 
Hess  M. Raymond Hesse 
Hir  [André] Louis-Hirsch 
HM  Hermann Milakowski 
HMLevy  Paris 
HOH  ERR collection 
HOR  Horovitz 
HValensi  Paris 
HWalewijk  Bruxelles 
III  Seligmann collection seized by DSK in July 1940 
ILevy-Cerf  Paris 
IZ  Paris 
Jac  Paris-Maurice Wolf Jacobson, a British national of Jewish descent, is most likely the owner of the JAC collection, as attested by the Devisenschutzkommando seizure of his paintings at the Westminster Foreign Bank, Ltd., in Paris, in July 1941. Part of the collection was stored at the Chateau de Chambord from which it was also removed and transferred to the Jeu de Paume. 
JAdler  Paris 
JArpels  Mougins 
Jav  H. Javal 
JBernheim  Paris 
JBernheim-Jeune  Paris region and Rastignac-While most of Josse Bernheim-Jeune's collection was spread out among properties in Paris and Fontainebleau, parts of it were transferred to the Rastignac estate in the Dordogne in southwestern France. On March 30, 1944, a combination of German troops, Georgian irregulars from Paris, SD agents from Perigueux and SS troops descended in the area around Rastignac. The castle was torched. After the war, a surviving witness attested to the fact that the art works had perished even though others attested to the presence of several trucks that left the castle grounds shortly before the fire was set. The fate of the art is unknown. 
JCahen  Paris 
JdGunzbourg  Paris 
JdGunzburg  Paris 
JDreyfus  Paris 
JEngel  Paris 
JEU  Jeunesse 
JFDreyfus  Paris 
JGerson  Forest-Bruxelles 
JGoldschmidt  Paris 
JGoudstikker  Amsterdam 
JHeilbronn  Paris 
JKleinberg  Brussels 
JLambert  Paris 
JLantz  Paris-See Maurice Lantz 

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