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Code Collection
Fri  M. et Mme. Jules Fribourg 
FRIED  Friedlander 
FRT  louvre depot 
FStern  Bruxelles 
FvUnruh  Arcachon 
G  Gimpel 
G. Bern  Georges Bernheim 
G.M.  Marcel Bernheim 
Gal. Bernst  Galerie Bernstein (Paris) 
GBerg  Nice 
GBernheim  Paris 
GBlech  Ixelles 
GBrunschwig  Paris 
GdeRothschild  Paris 
GEI  Geismar 
GeLevy  Paris 
GFistié  Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgique-The building where Mr. Fistié lost his collection after being requisitioned, served as a depot for art works confiscated by the ERR. 
Gim  Gimpel 
GKleefeld  St. Gilles-Bruxelles, Belgique-Mr. Kleefeld's art collection was seized on 20 July 1944, placed in a truck supplied by Spediteur Jean Abbeloos and taken into the custody of German occupation authorities. 
GLazard  Paris 
GLevy  Bordeaux 
GLurcy  Paris 
GManuel  Paris 
GMeyer  Paris 
GOL  Oskar Goldschmidt 
Grp  Graupe 
Grunberg  Paris 
GS  Gunther Schiedlausky-ERR 
GU  Friedrich Gutmann, Heemstede/Paris 
Gun  Güntzburg 
GW  Galerie Welz 
H.S.  Hugo Simon 
HA  Hugo Daniel Andriesse (Belgium)--The Andriesse collection was dropped off for safety reasons at the Musées Royaux d'art et d'histoire in Brussels on 20 December 1939. The crates were removed by agents of the Devisenschutzkommando Belgien and transferred to the ERR in December 1941. From there, they were conveyed to the Jeu de Paume in Paris for processing. 
Hah  Hahn 
Hal  Halphen 
Ham  Hermann Jean Isaak Hamburger (Hamburger, Inc.)-The headquarters of the Hamburger company were located on Heerengracht 551, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Much of their personal property, especially objects of artistic value, had been deposited at the Chase Safe Deposit Bank on rue Cambon in Paris. 
Hamp  Gabriel Hamparzoumian 
Harry Fuld  Berlin, Germany 
HB  Hamburger 
HDeutsch  Maintenon (Eure et Loire) 
HDikansky  Nice 
Heilbronn  Frau P. Heilbronn 
HEL  Helft 
Hemmendinger  Paris 
HEN  Emile Henry 
Hess  M. Raymond Hesse 
HGoldschmidt  Bruxelles, Belgique 
Hir  [André] Louis-Hirsch 
HKleefeld  Saint-Gilles-Bruxelles, Belgique 
HKrieser  Rotterdam, Netherlands--Although the two crates containing the Krieser collection were allegedly shipped from Germany, it is unclear whether the Krieser family was based there or in Vienna, Austria. The two crates were intercepted in Rotterdam, Netherlands and shipped back eventually to Reich finance authorities in Koln, Germany. Present whereabouts unknown. 

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