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Code Collection
Denn  Dennery 
Deutsch  Deutsch 
Devalcourt  Paris 
DFS  Dreyfuss (SD-Quartier) 
DLabi  Paris 
DPollak  Paris 
DRD  Dreyfuss (rue Dominique)-This collection is connected to the DRF collection. 
DRE  Dreyfuss (rue Elysee) 
DReder  Bruxelles, Belgique 
Drey  Louis Dreyfuss 
DRF  Dreyfuss (Tours)-This collection is connected to the DRD collection. 
Dro  Elena Droin 
DSiva  Anvers, Belgique 
Duveen  Paris 
E.S.  Emil Strauss 
EBernheim  Bruxelles, Belgique-The US authorities dropped the claim on 28 June 1948. 
ECassel  Paris 
Edel  Edelfinger 
EDollschneider  Bruxelles 
EDreyfus  Paris 
EFabius  Paris 
EFowles  Paris 
EFriedlaender  Neuilly sur Seine--Ms. Friedlaender's property was stolen between October 1940 and March 1942, before her apartment was occupied by German personnel until the summer of 1944. There are overlaps between her cultural losses and those recorded in the FRIED collection. 
EGuien  Saint-Raphael 
EHahn  Paris 
EJHeilbrunn  Bruxelles, Belgique-The ERR removed Heilbrunn items from the warehouse of Continentale Menkès on successive dates: 24 February 1942, 16 April 1942, 17 March 1943, 2 November 1943. 
ELevy  Neuilly sur Seine 
ELR  Dr. Erlanger (Dr. Lazar Rosenfeld) 
EM.5  Erwin Rosenthal 
EPorges  Paris 
EPS  Epstein, Delle b/Grenoble 
EReisz  Paris--Eugene Reisz was a world-renown scientist who made groundbreaking discoveries that accelerated the improvement of radio communications. After fleeing to the United States, Mr. Reisz's property was inventoried by the Vichy authorities on 21 November 1941 as abandoned Jewish property. The M-Aktion teams seized the contents of Reisz's apartment. 
ERL  Erlanger (Brissac/Paris)--The official losses sutained by Philippe Erlanger were connected with the seizure of crates at Brissac containing paintings and antiquities. Other collections were stored there under the protection of the Duke of Brissac. Mr. Erlanger's Paris apartment was raided in October and Decemberl of 1942. 
ERosenthal  Paris 
ESchwob  Paris 
Esm (15 P)  Edouard Esmond 
EToussaint  Hamerenne, Rocherfort, Belgique 
EW  Elizabeth Wildenstein 
F  Hans [Hermann] Fürstenberg 
Fal  Falius [Fabius] 
FCohen  Uccle (Bruxelles) Frederika Cohen was arrested and imprisoned on 8 June 1943. Her fate is unknown. 
FdnAMeyer  St-Idesbald, Coxyde, Belgique 
FFlersheim  Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
FJaval  Livry-sur-Seine 
Fla  Salomon Flavian 
FMeyer  Paris 
FRE  Frenkel-Reder (Belgium)--The FRE collection represents a small percentage of the Jacob Reder collection which was seized in Brussels in August 1943. Go to JReder for a full list of confiscated objects. Also, check the BN collection for a number of Reder objects. 
Frederic  Jeu de Paume 
FREY  Dr. Paetow seized the collection on 20 October 1942 and it is only on 2 February 1943 that Mr. Fleischer, Bruno Lohse’s aide, had the collection processed at the Jeu de Paume. 

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