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Code Collection
SYL  Succession Sylvain et Abel Levy 
TAL (A-Y/AY)  Thalmann 
Tausch  Tauschbilder 
TEHerz  Forest-Bruxelles, Belgique-At the time of Mr. Herz's arrest, he was residing at 38, Avenue Charlotte, Anvers. The Gestapo arrested Mr. Herz on 3 September 1943. His belongings were removed therefrom on 5-6 September 1943. 
TFavory  Var 
Thi  Frau Thierry née Rothschild 
TI (9 R)  Tinardou [Tinardon]--The inventory to the Tinardon collection was mislaid by the ERR. Postwar German authorities have been unable to find it. Only the ERR cards have survived. The Tinardon family lived in a building that was requisitioned by the Gestapo during the German occupation of France. 
TRosenthal  Paris 
U  Unger-After fleeing from Austria, Unger and his family found refuge in Paris. Shortly before their emigration to the United States, Unger deposited all of the family's movable property at a depot in Pantin, Paris, where they were later seized by M-Aktion agents. 
UHDE  Uhde 
UK  British paintings 
Unbekannt/UNB  -Unk. 
UTI  ERR official 
v. Hell  unknown 
VAN  Vand 
VBernheim  Paris 
VeuveADreyfus  St-Gilles/Bruxelles, Belgique 
VeuveAronstein  Uccle-Bruxelles, Belgique-The US authorities dropped the claim on 28 June 1948. 
VeuveCLambert  Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgique 
VeuveFUhlmann  St-Gilles/Bruxelles, Belgique 
VeuveILevy  Uccle/Bruxelles, Belgique 
VeuveKleinberg  Bruxelles, Belgique 
VeuveLBaur  Neuilly sur Seine 
VeuveLBlum  Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgique-The German occupation emptied the residence of Mrs. Leon Blum on three occasions-31 August, 1 September, 2 September 1942. 
VeuveRSchoenberg  Bruxelles, Belgique 
VI  Botschaft, Paris 
VIT  Dario Viterbo 
VLyon  Sannois 
VMLevy  Gray (Haute-Saone) 
VOR  Georges Voronoff 
VRubia  Paris 
VveEMendel  Bruxelles, Belgique 
VveSRosine  Liège, Belgique 
W  Georges Wildenstein 
W Bl  Wormser-Bloch 
W.S.  Walter Strauss--The Dienststelle Westen raided his apartment in late March 1942 and removed from it all cultural objects. The Moebel-Aktion teams emptied out the rest of his apartment on June 12, 1942. 
Watson  Watson, N. [Peter] 
Wbg  Alfred Weinberger 
WDreyfuss  Paris 
Weingluck  Paris-Henry Weingluck was a modern artist whose range extended from figurative to abstract. His studio/apartment was sealed off shortly after he escaped Paris in late July 1942. He became a forced laborer in GTE Nr. 405 at Meyssac and was transferred to eight different camps throughout German-occupied France. Based on anecdotal evidence, his art collection--mostly comprised of his own works--was removed at the end of 1942 by Mobel-Aktion. The remainder of his possessions were removed in late February 1944. Weingluck survived the war and eventually made his way in 1948 to Toronto, Canada. 
WIL  Lazare Wildenstein 
WJacobson  Paris 
WLandowska  Saint-Leu-la-Foret 
Wo  Frau Wolff 
WOR  Wormser 
WP  Weil-Picard 
WTH  Paul Wertheimer 
WWurzberger  Forest-Bruxelles, Belgique 
Z [9 R]  Frau Zach [Hedwig Zak] 
ZUN  M. Zun, Paris 

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