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Code Collection
RDreyfus  Ussel--René Dreyfus was arrested on 6 April 1944 in Ussel and imprisoned in Tulle then in Limoges. The entire contents of his apartment in Ussel were removed by members of the Limoges Gestapo and Bony/Bonny-Lafont gang members. Dreyfus testified in the postwar against the leaders of the gang when they were brought to justice. 
RdSugny  Paris 
RdWasserman  Bruxelles, Belgique 
Red.  Armand Redlich 
Reichenbach  Mme. u Bernhard 
REIK  Reikiss [Raykis] 
REIN  Joseph Reinach 
RElllisen  Paris/Talence (Gironde) 
RGinzburger  Paris 
RHaas  Bruxelles, Belgique-Mr. Haas' collection was removed from his residence in Brussels on three occasions. On 21 April 1941, the Walon transport firm facilitated the removals; on 8 July 1942, the Société belge des extraits tannants facilitated the removals and on 18 July 1942, the Simon company aided in the removals of Haas property. 
RHE  Rheims 
RKamp  Bruxelles, Belgique 
RL  Raphael Levy-Hermannos (Hermanos) 
RLeven  Paris 
RM  Unknown 
RNathan  Saint-Gilles/Bruxelles, Belgique-Mr. Nathan's property was seized shortly after the Gestapo arrested him. 
Roger Bernheim  rue Dosne 
Roger Levy  Roger Levy 
Roger-Marx  Paris 
Rose  Rosenthal 
Rosenberg Paris  Paul Rosenberg 
Rosenberg-Aronstein  Schaerbeek-Bruxelles, Belgique-The building where Mr. Rosenberg and Mrs. Aronstein lived was once occupied by members of the Gestapo who allegedly removed their property on 2 March 1943. 
Rosenberg-Bernstein  Rosenberg-Bernstein-Bordeaux 
ROS-FA  The objects belonging to the Rosengart-Famel family were forcibly removed from their residence beginning in early 1942 and ending in March 1943. 
Rosstein  Rosstein 
Rost  Erwin Rosenthal--The Rosenthal collection was among the first to be plundered by representatives of the ERR acting in concert with local Gestapo agents in Paris. His apartment was ultimately emptied in the fall of 1942 during the so-called M-Aktion. Although it is impossible to date with certainty when the first thefts took place, some of Rosenthal's belongings were comingled with those of other collections which had been plundered in early 1941. As a result, many of Mr. Rosenthal's art objects are listed as "UNB". Some crates containing his property include the letters "EM" which are the initials of his street address while others are designated by the moniker assigned by the ERR to his collection (ROS or ROST). 
Rouff  Chambord 
RRMeyer  Paris 
RRosenberg  Paris 
RStora  Paris 
RUlmann  Paris 
RWeill  Paris 
RZN  Baronin Helene Zuylen de Nyevelt de Haar 
S  Schick 
Sau  Sauerbach 
SBuquenne  Anvers, Belgique--The Buquenne collection was seized the day after the arrest of Mr. Buquenne. 
SCahon  Les Andelys (Eure) 
Schi  Pompe-Schifeld 
Schloss  Adolphe Schloss 
Schuster  Paris 
Sclauver/Sandmann  Paris 
SDH  Swob [Schwob] d'Hericourt 
Sel  Arnold, Andre and Jacques Seligmann 
SEpstein  Ixelles-Bruxelles 
SHartveld  Antwerp-After Mr. Hartveld left for the United States, his gallery on rue Otto Venius was renamed Galerie Otto Venius by René van de Broeck to avoid its liquidation as a Jewish business. 
Si-ERF  According to postwar Belgian documents, this collection is of Belgian origin and is directly associated with the ERR in Belgium with no further information. The cards for Si-ERF were typed at Kogl. 
Simon Bauer  rue de la Pompe 
Simon-Levy  Simon Levy 
SKoechlin  Paris 
Sm  Seligmann-Alphandery-Pierre Seligmann-Alphandery was an “ingénieur diplômé de l’Ecole Polytechnique.” Dr. Paetow and his team from the ERR paid a visit to the Seligmann-Alphandery apartment and retrieved a specific number of objects, mostly paintings and a tapestry which they brought back to the Jeu de Paume on 4 December 1942. Then a second visit took place on 19 January 1943 during which the other items were confiscated—paintings, furniture, tapestry, enamel. 

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