Owner: Edouard de Rothschild — Paris, France
Collection: (R) Rothschild
Inventory No.: R 45
Kiste Nr. H 6
Artist: Francisco Goya-y-Lucientes (1746 - 1828)
Medium: Paintings
Title: Knabenbildnis
Description: Ganzfigurige Darstellung in Dreiviertelwendung nach rechts. Knabe mit blonden Lockenhaar, grauem Mantel, Cape, Spitzenkragen und Gamaschen, in der Linken einen breitrandigen Hut haltend.
AGF/Spa Dr.v.I.
Öl auf Lwd.
112 x 77,5 cm
Verbleib: AH.

Bemerkungen: b.w.
Gegenstück zu R 46 ?
Literature: There is a photograph of this object at the BADV.
Provenance and Comments: This object was packed into a crate and transferred to the Jeu de Paume for Goering to eventually transfer to Hitler. Offered to be part of an exhibit organized by the CRA in 1946.
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1943 Reel 17 NARA; Bundesarchiv, B323/280; RV 7, RV 103, MAEE, Paris, France
Measurements: 112 x 77,5 cm
Transfer place: German Embassy, Paris
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer place: H. G.
Transfer place: Adolf Hitler
Linz No.: 1499
Munich No.: 1455
Repatriated to France? Yes
Repatriation date: 1945-09-20
Restituted? Yes