Owner: Jacques Goudstikker — Amsterdam, Netherlands
Collection: (JGoudstikker) Amsterdam
Inventory No.: Goudst. C.B. 576
Artist: Pieter Coops
Medium: Paintings
Title: Marine
Description: p. 70 1/2 x 108 1/2 cm.
Literature: (van Matthiesen in comm)
Provenance and Comments:
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1946 NARA
Measurements: 70.5 x 108.5 cm
Intake place: Kasteel Nyenrode, Breukelen, The Netherlands
Transfer place: Alois Miedl
Transfer date: 1940-07-00
Transfer place: H.W. Lange, Berlin
Transfer date: 1943-10-06