Owner: Erwin Rosenthal — Paris, France
Collection: (Rost) Erwin Rosenthal--The Rosenthal collection was among the first to be plundered by representatives of the ERR acting in concert with local Gestapo agents in Paris. His apartment was ultimately emptied in the fall of 1942 during the so-called M-Aktion. Although it is impossible to date with certainty when the first thefts took place, some of Rosenthal's belongings were comingled with those of other collections which had been plundered in early 1941. As a result, many of Mr. Rosenthal's art objects are listed as "UNB". Some crates containing his property include the letters "EM" which are the initials of his street address while others are designated by the moniker assigned by the ERR to his collection (ROS or ROST).
Inventory No.: Kiste Nr. ROS 1
Medium: Sculpture
Title: Hercule combattant le lion de Némée
Description: Terre cuite
30 cm
Provenance and Comments:
Archival Sources: Bundesarchiv, B323/545
Intake place: 45, rue Emile Meunier, Paris
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer place: Buxheim
Repatriated to France? Yes