Owner: Katja Granoff — Paris, France
Collection: (KGRA) Katja Granoff--Katja Granoff left Paris in May 1940 and returned on 11 October 1944. The German occupation authorities placed seals on the doors of her apartment on 4 August 1941. They returned to the apartment on 17 August 1941 and removed from it works of art and sculptures. The following day, 18 August 1941, they removed part of the furniture, rugs, and 30 crates filled with my entire library as well as other objects. Her castle—Chateau de la Voulte sur Rhone—was engulfed in flames on 26 August 1944 as the Germans were retreating up the Rhone valley.
Inventory No.:
Artist: Benn
Medium: Paintings
Title: Portrait de Pierrot
Description: toile 6F
Provenance and Comments:
Archival Sources: RA 614, MAEE, Paris, France
Measurements: 6F
Intake place: 13, quai conti (Katia Granoff)