Owner: Fernand Halphen — Paris, France
Collection: (HAL) Halphen--The HAL collection is actually a misnomer since it combines assets belonging to two branches of the Halphen family and spouses, commingled by ERR staff members responsible for carding and producing inventories as a single Halphen collection. All objects plundered under HAL were removed from three locations in Paris which belonged to Emile Halphen and Fernand Halphen between July 1940 and February 1941.
Inventory No.: [HAL]
Artist: Claude Monet
Medium: Paintings
Title: La Seine à Asnières/Les Péniches sur la Seine
Description: Au fonds, maisons de la banlieue parisienne
55 x 74 cm
Literature: Acquired from Durand-Ruel
Provenance and Comments: This painting was taken by agents of the German Embassy in Paris on 10 July 1940 from the apartment of Mrs. Fernand Halphen. The Paris dealer, Raphael Gerard, acquired the painting shortly thereafter and sold it to a German businessman, Waldemar Strenger. In May 1948, thanks to an introduction by Adolf Wuester, Strenger met Otto Gerson in Munich and sold him the painting in May 1948. It arrived in New York shortly after May 18, 1948, and was then sold to the Detroit Institute of Arts.
Archival Sources: RA 4, RA 606, MAEE, Paris, France; RG 59, Lot 62D4, Box 7, National Archives, College Park, MD
Intake place: 51, rue Dumont d'Urville, Paris
Transfer place: German Embassy, Paris
Transfer date: 1940-07-10
Transfer place: Raphael Gerard
Transfer place: Waldemar Strenger
Transfer place: Otto Gerson
Transfer date: 1948-05-09
Transfer place: Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan
Transfer date: 1949-00-00
Restituted? Yes
Restitution date: 1950-04-00