Owner: Hugo Simon — Paris, France
Collection: (H.S.) Hugo Simon
Inventory No.: Kiste Nr. H.S. 2
Medium: Decorative Arts
Title: Silbersachen [79 pi├Ęces d'argenterie]
Description: 29 Schalen versch. Form
15 Kannen und Becher
12 Platten
11 Leuchter
2 Toepfe m. Deckel
2 Brotteller
1 Salz-und Pfefferstaender
1 Dose
1 Kuchenteller
1 Mokkaloeffel
1 Besteckstaender
Provenance and Comments: These items were in a crate set aside for von Behr at the Louvre. Hugo Simon's silver was packed into crate HS 2. It was returned to France from Buxheim on 4 March 1946. According to the ERR inventory in Paris, there were 79 silver pieces in that crate. The inventory from Fussen shows 76 silver items. The French restitution records match up with the ERR crate list.
Archival Sources: Bundesarchiv, B323/289, 300; RA 54, RV 103, MAEE, Paris, France
Intake place: 102, rue de Grenelle, Paris
Transfer place: Louvre
Transfer place: Dienststelle Westen
Transfer date: 1942-05-15
Transfer place: Neuschwanstein
Transfer place: Buxheim
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1942-05-19
Repatriated to France? Yes
Repatriation date: 1946-03-04
Restituted? Yes
Restitution date: 1947-07-15