Owner: Alexandra Pregel — Paris, France
Collection: (Aux) Auxente (Pregel)-The Auxente/Pregel collection was brought into the Jeu de Paume by agents Mader and Fleischer on 14 April 1942 after having been seized by agents of the Dienststelle Westen, on or before 4 February 1942.
Inventory No.: Aux 267
Artist: Modigliani
Medium: Works on Paper
Title: Porträt des Dichters Cendrars.
Description: Bleistiftzeichnung

42 x 26 cm

in Paspartout

Literature: For some reason, this work in "paspartout" [passepartout) is dated 1931. But Modigliani died in January 1920. Mistake on the part of the ERR? The only known portrait of Cendrars by Modigliani was executed in 1917. Drawings of Blaise Cendrars were sketched by Modigliani in 1917 and 1918, one of which is at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris, France.
Provenance and Comments: Slated for destruction
Archival Sources: Bundesarchiv, B323/266
Measurements: 42 x 26 cm
Framed? Yes
Intake place: 18, rue Auguste Vacquerie, Paris.
Transfer place: Dienststelle Westen
Transfer date: 1942-04-02
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1942-04-14
Slated for destruction? Yes
Restituted? No