Owner: Marcel Kapferer — Paris, France
Collection: (KPR) Kapferer
Inventory No.: KPR 19
Kiste Nr. KPR 2
Artist: China, Ming
Medium: Sculpture
Title: Bronze
Description: Der Priester aufrechtstehend auf Sockel, in den Händen eine Rolle haltend. Bronzeguss mit Resten alter Farbe (rot, grün) und Vergoldung.
Bronze H. 48,5 cm
Zugangstag, in Paris: 22.2.1944
Provenance and Comments: According to French restitution records, this Chinese Ming bronze was misidentified as a Maillol statuette. The only one that might have been the subject of numerical confusion is KPR 9, which was not restituted and has been incorporated in the MNR series of unclaimed objects in the custody of the French Museum Administration under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture.
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1943 Reel 10 NARA; Bundesarchiv, B323/274, B323/300; RA 20, RV 103, MAEE, Paris, France
Measurements: 48,5 cm
Intake place: Maison Pinoud/Pinaud
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1944-05-00
Transfer place: Dr. Lohse
Transfer date: 1944-05-00
Transfer place: Nikolsburg
Transfer date: 1944-05-04
Transfer place: Lager Peter
Transfer date: 1945-03-06
Munich No.: 13741/1
Repatriated to France? Yes
Restituted? Yes
Restitution date: 1946-11-26