Owner: Mme. Max Heilbronn — Paris, France
Collection: (Heilbronn) Frau P. Heilbronn
Inventory No.: Heilbronn 7
Artist: 1902, Camille Pissarro
Medium: Paintings
Title: Ansicht auf Paris.
Description: Bild

Öl auf Lwd. 47 x 38 cm
VERBLEIB: Tausch am 31.10.42
STANDORTWECHSEL: Tausch 31.10.42 N
Provenance and Comments: Tausch 23. Part of exchange #23 with Gustav Rochlitz on 31 October 1942. Sent to Buching/Hofenschwangau in April 1945. This painting was recently discovered in the vicinity of Salzburg, Austria, in a depot of works of art that once belonged to Hildebrand Gurlitt and passed on to his son, Cornelius Gurltt.
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1943 Reel 8 NARA; Bundesarchiv, B323/72, 272; RA 612, MAEE, Paris, France
Measurements: 47 x 38 cm
Signed? Yes
Intake place: Credit Commercial de France, Mont-de-Marsan
Transfer place: Buching/Hofenschwangau
Transfer date: 1945-04-00
Transfer place: Devisenschutzkommando
Transfer date: 1941-02-00
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1941-02-13
Restituted? Yes
Restitution date: 2017-02-00