Owner: Jean Louis-Dreyfus — Paris, France
Collection: (DRD) Dreyfuss (rue Dominique)-This collection is connected to the DRF collection.
Inventory No.: DRD 4
Kiste Nr. DRD 3
Kiste Nr. Divers 15 [1944]
Artist: Bonheur, Rosa 1822 - 1899
Medium: Works on Paper
Title: Kopf eines Löwen und einer Löwin.
Description: Studienblatt,


Bleistiftzeichnung auf Papier.
18 x 15,5


IN PARIS: 8.12.42
Provenance and Comments: Confiscated by the ERR on 6 November 1942. Not restituted as of 7 May 1952. This work by Rosa Bonheur was transferred to the "Administration des Domaines" on 22 December 1950 ostensibly for the purpose of being sold off at auction. It is not clear whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Rose Valland were aware of this transfer since this work remains marked as not restituted as of 1952.
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1943 Reel 2 NARA; Bundesarchiv, B323/270, B323/300, B323/312; RA 825, RV 103, RV 219, MAEE, Paris, France
Measurements: 18 x 15,5
Signed? Yes
Intake place: 53, rue Dominique, Paris
Transfer place: Dr. Lohse
Transfer date: 1943-04-07
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1943-04-12
Transfer place: Nikolsburg
Transfer date: 1944-05-04
Transfer place: Lager Peter
Transfer date: 1945-03-07
Transfer place: Administration des Domaines
Transfer date: 1950-12-22
Munich No.: 13723/2
Repatriated to France? Yes
Repatriation date: 1946-10-30