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Code Collection
A Le  Arthur Levy 
A.L.M.  A. L. Mayer 
ABK  Aktion Belg. Kunst. (Belgium) 
Ad. W.  Adolphe Weiss 
ADW  ADW - Not Specified 
Aktion Berta  collection Cassel 1943-1944 
Al. R.  (Alexandrine) Sammlung Rothschild--Most of the objects classified by the ERR as Al. R. belonged to Alexandrine de Rotschild. They were stolen from her Paris apartment, various bank vaults and her estate in Boulogne-sur-Seine. The thefts began in earnest in the summer of 1940 and did not stop until midway through 1941. You can find items belonging to Alexandrine de Rothschild in the BoR, Al. R and R collections as well as in the Wbg collection. 
Andre Manuel  ditto 
Aramon  Paris 
ARN  Hans Arnhold 
Arns  Hermann Arnstein 
Aro  Aronson (Schloss Brissac) 
Asch  Aschberger [Aschberg]--Victor Aschberger [Aschberg] was plundered at home and at the Cercle des Nations, a pacifist organization which he helped found [C. d. Nat.] Mrs. Aschberg recovered property looted from Victor Aschberger [Asch] and the Cercle des Nations [C. d. Nat.]. The inventory of looted property submitted by Mrs. Aschberg to the French authorities is far more extensive than that which the ERR inventoried at the Jeu de Paume. It includes several hundred Italian Old Master engravings and approximately 40 paintings, assorted sculptures and tapestries as well as jewelry. 
ASS (12 H)  Assmances 
Aux  Auxente (Pregel) 
Bal  H. Fa. Ball (Riesener) 
Baruch-Levy  Paris 
Bau  Bauer 
Bc  Bacri 
Bdt  Paul Bernhardt 
Belg. MA-AN  Belgisch Möbel-Aktion Antike Kleinkunst (Belgium) 
Belg. MA-B  Belgisch Möbel-Aktion Bilder (Belgium) 
Belg. MA-MET  Belgisch Möbel-Aktion Metall (Belgium) 
Belg. MA-OST  Belgisch Möbel-Aktion Ostasiatisches (Belgium) 
BEM  Paul Bemberg 
Bern  Bernheim-Jeune 
BIA  Bialo 
Bing  Robert Bing 
BN  Unknown owners Brussels (Belgium) 
BoR  Botschaft Rothschild--The largest collections stolen in France mostly by specialized elements of the German occupation forces belonged to the Rothschild family. The German Embassy in Paris guided by Ambassador Otto Abetz, oversaw the plunder of property belonging to various members of the Rothschild family, including Maurice, Alexandrine, James-Armand and Edmond. These early removals of Rothschild property occurred in the summer and fall of 1940 and were greatly aided by the Devisenschutzkommando (DSK), a securities and financial fraud police organization that had jurisdiction over bank vaults and safe deposit boxes where thousands of art objects were stored for safekeeping. 
BPO  Mme. Benard de Pontois 
BRAUN  Mme. Robert Braun 
BRE  Bredel 
BRU  Betty Brunsvick--Her residence was plundered in early 1941. Contents were selectively removed to the Louvre and Jeu de Paume for processing. The remainder was assessed at the time of the Aryanization of her building rue Scheffer in late 1942. 
BUN  Brunner 
C.d.Nat  Cercle des Nations, Paris 
C.St  Caroline Stern 
CA  Cahen (Belgium) 
CCL  (Col. Colloredo) 
CDF  Cercle de France 
CH  CH - Not Specified 
CHA  Stéphane Chasles 
Chapira  Paris 
CL  Clarence Levi [Levy-Clarence] 
CLE  van Cleef 
CMayer  Neuilly sur Seine 
Cob  Coblentz 
Cohn  Cohn 
Col. (CCL)  Princesse Colloredo 
Cre  Cremieuse [Cremieux] 

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