Owner: Paul Rosenberg — Paris, France
Collection: (Unbekannt/UNB) -Unk.
Inventory No.: Unb. 335
I, 6
Artist: Henri Matisse
Medium: Paintings
Title: Zimmer mit bunter Tapete und Teppich.
Description: Henri Matisse
1869 geb.
Zimmer mit bunter Tapete und Teppich.
Am Mitteltisch zwei Knaben in gestreiften Jacken beim Dame[n]spiel. Links hinter ihnen ein klavierspielendes Mädchen, rechts davon an der Wand ein Kleiderschrank, eine Barockkommode mit daraufstehender Plastik.
Öl a. Ldw.
Sign. rechts unten: Henri Matisse
Verbleib: HG 
Provenance and Comments: Tausch 8. Sent by Rochlitz to Hohenschwangau/Füssen, then sold to J.Rosner. [Rochlitz Report, p.8]. On May 5 , 1941 the art dealer Gustav Rochlitz exchanged four paintings by Matisse and Monet for a painting of the School of Fontainebleau. The Monet belonged to Alfred Lindenbaum and one of the Matisse paintings to Paul Rosenberg. There is no record as to whom the other two Matisse paintings belonged to. This painting is now at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. See http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/Collection/art-object-page.66423.html?category=The%20Collection%2CExhibitions%2CVisit%2CEducation%2CConservation%2CResearch%2CCalendar%2CAudio%2FVideo%2CAbout%2CSupport%20Us%2COpportunities%2CPress%2CNotices%2CContact%20Us%2COnline%20Features&tags=ngaweb%3Aartobjects%2F6%2F6%2F4%2F2%2F3%2FArtObject_66423&pageNumber=1&lastFacet=category
Archival Sources: RG 260 M1943 Reel 26 NARA; Bundesarchiv, B323/294, B323/297; RA1, MAEE, Paris, France
Signed? Yes
Intake place: Bordeaux
Transfer place: Jeu de Paume
Transfer date: 1941-05-05
Transfer place: H G.
Munich No.: 8049
Repatriated to France? Yes
Restituted? Yes
Restitution date: 1946-05-17